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I got some great questions the other day so I thought I'd post the questions with my answers. I know they are questions on a lot of your minds.

Lisa asked: "a few things i was wondering is how long it took for you to see some physical kind of result from diet/exercise? and in the first few weeks of starting how much weight was lost? and also how long did it take for you to lose a dress size?"

-How long it took for you to see some physical kind of result from diet/exercise?

Ugh! This question is tough. My best answer - a while. LOL. But seriously, after about 30 pounds I was really starting to see and feel a difference (remember I was 315 pounds so it took a lot of loss to see the difference). Now it seems with every 10-15 pounds I can see changes. But honestly, even with a couple a pound loss I see little changes like my double chin doesn't look so big and puffy.

-And in the first few weeks of starting how much weight was lost?

I have been losing SLOW. I've only made gradual changes, so the weight loss is gradual. Even in the beginning I only lost about 5 pounds the first week I think, then it slowed to the current rate of 0.5-1 pound lost per week. It's been
pretty steady at this pace.

-And also how long did it take for you to lose a dress size?

I've been tracking jeans size. I started at a TIGHT 28. Quickly - after about 20 pounds lost - I went to a 26, another 20 pounds to a 24, and now (25 more lost) I'm sitting at a 22. So I went from a 28 to a 22 in 65 pounds. That's pretty slow. Don't expect to see the sizes change too fast. I keep thinking, "I'm almost in a 20, I'm almost in a 20"; but I've been saying that for a couple months now. LOL. Time, time, time; it takes time!

My advice for you is to focus on exercise if losing dress sizes is your focus. I hear great stories from people about how they tighten up really quick and lose dress sizes with exercise. I must say I hate exercise and avoid it like the plague. But I know I'd be A LOT more successful if I worked out more. That's my new years resolution - exercise! (Isn't that my new years resolution every year? yes it is!)

And please don't diet like crazy, and do drastic things. Everything in moderation is key. I think telling yourself you CANNOT have something is the worst thing to do. It just makes you want it more. Tell yourself you can have what ever you want... but just a little. Just try to cut out the junk from your diet - cakes, cookies, sweet are my absolute downfall.

But my best advice is just to keep at it. Results WILL come if you work at it long term. You wont lose the weight in a day, a week, or a month. It takes time! But DONT give up!!! You can do it! I can do it! We can do it. Better yet... we WILL do it!

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Anonymous said...

you give such great advice! and losing weight slowly is always best, because it's easier to keep it off that way, as opposed to "crash" diets that make you lose quickly, but then gain quickly. keep up the good work, and thanks for being such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Yours is very sound advice. I weigh about 165 (used to weigh 132 long time ago). I've been at 165 for almost a year. However, last year I didn't do much excercise. Then, for the past three months I have been going to the gym about four times a week (Work Out World and YMCA).
I do 20+ minutes treadmill, bench presses, leg presses, dips, weight machines, and elliptical trainer. I used to power-lift a few years back. So if you've never done weights, please first research proper form or ask a trainer.
In summary, I still weigh about 165. However, I have dropped one jean size, am roughly 12 - 14 now, and couldn't find any jeans to fit last year. Now I wear JAG Jeans from Nordstrom. They are great. ("Not Your Daughters Jeans" are pretty good, too)
Hey, thanks for sharing your inspiring weight loss story in this blog. I always look forward to your latest edition.


Robin Bayne said...

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas! You're doing wonderfully.
Thanks for sharing your progress and helpful hints with everyone.

Health Watch Center said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi :), I really wanted to tell you this because your blog has changed my life, seriously. I'm 17 years old and well yeah fat (who'da thunk). I honestly always though I had mental problems or something for all the fat thoughts I have. Your one post about how many times you think about your weight made me cry because I am exactly the same way. I am constantly sizing up the situation to make sure there is nothing that could potentially embarrass me. I've been consumed by these thoughts and worries for such a long time I can hardly even appear to be functioning normal. I've learned to be the shy quiet girl to avoid thing. I can hardly stop crying enough to type this. As many sad emotions as this has stirred up, I feel so relieved to know I am not completely crazy for feeling or thinking the way I do. I really am so glad I came across your site, now I feel like maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Im lauren. Im 15 and in the overweight range, im soooo self conscious about myself. i weight 10 and half stone or 147lbs. I hate it. My bf always moans at me coz i say im overweight, but tbh i yo-yo on a diet. Im vegetarian too, but because im veggie doesnt make me skinny. I hate my stomach and sometimes wish it would just deflate. At one point i started to not eat and went down to 8 stone or 112lbs. I didnt even go out, i felt like everyone was watching and laughing at me. Hmmm..i still feel abit like this and i definately feel sad. Have you got any idea's how i can loose weight? my doctor told me to just exercise, i dont think thats very good advice. Thanks

M said...

I love this and you are very motivating! Its nice to have someone be so open about this! Keep up the good work!

George Blackwell said...

I just wanted to echo the point made at the end of this blog post (specifically, that one shouldn't go on drastic diets and focus on gradual changes instead).

Here's my own experience with extreme diets - about two years ago, I decided to put myself on a starvation diet to impress my girlfriend (who was - and is - a gorgeous, head-turning young lady). I lost 15 kilos in about 45 days. I was living on 800 calories a day. I still remember feeling so weak that my head would spin and I'd feel dizzy as I walked to the tobacco store just 2 minutes away from my house.

The worst part is, at the end of the day, I gained all that weight back in just one month - and then some.

The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that going on a crazy diet not only hurts your health; it also doesn't give you any sustainable weight loss. The only way you can achieve lasting results in this manner is to keep consistently starving yourself to death (and even that isn't guaranteed, since your body's metabolism will adjust accordingly).

All the best,

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There's some great advice here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Montana Evans said...

This IS the key!! I'm so happy I found this. 2 (3??) weeks ago, I decided enough was enough, and I was about to change my life! I never said "you CANT have that!" or "thats bad, none for you!" Something I had never done before.
As long as its in moderation, i'm staying in my calorie, fat, and carb goals, and i'm not starving because of it, then i'll eat it if i want it! This has changed my life!

Unknown said...

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