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I sometimes get some really interesting questions from you guys in my email. I don't really have any kind of formal forum here (say that 10 times fast lol), so they never get addressed in public and you never get to see what everyone has on their minds. Well no more! I decided to add a little feature I'm calling "Mail Bag" to my posts. A place where I will answer some of your questions that I deem interesting for the public eye. So one question came up recently that I thought was maybe on a lot of your minds. Recently I added a "STATS" section on the right-hand side of my blog. You know, height, weight, starting, current, goals, etc... Anyway, here's the question I got and my response:

Hi there,

I've been following your blog for a while now (I've read all your entries) and really really like it.

I was just wondering, at your goal weight your BMI will be 29, which is at the extreme end of the "overweight" range.

If that's where you plan to stop losing weight, won't you still be "fat"? Therefore, shouldn't your target BMI be 18.5 to 24.9?



You are absolutely right Sonia. I started out in the "super obese" category, I'm now in the "obese" category and my goal is in the "overweight" category. BMI is just a loose reference for weight, not taking body structure (i.e. frame size) into account. It really is a good guideline for people to follow, and yes, I think most people should shoot for those healthy goals. But I've had two doctors tell me that based on my frame size my "ideal" weight should be 160, a BMI of 25.8, just over the "normal" range. I really do have big bones, and no that's not an excuse lol. In a perfect world I will reach 160 someday. But to start, I thought 180 seemed more reasonable. I'm not shooting for perfection, just a healthier happier me. I weighed 180 for several years and was very very happy at that weight. So that was a big part of the reasoning for picking 180. But yes, technically I will still be overweight. But... 20 pounds overweight is MUCH better than 50 or 100 or even 155 over weight (like when I was 315). Besides, at 180 I have a lot more junk in my trunk (i.e. sexy curves). :) And also, 180 is just a first goal. Once I get there I will reassess my goals. Maybe I'll be perfectly happy at 180, maybe I'll feel I need to lose a few more pounds, or maybe I'll need to lose a lot more... I'll have to wait and see. Honestly 180 is really a second goal. My first goal is to get under 200. :)


You guys know I LOVE to get comments. Well I love to get email even more! Send me your questions. What's on your mind? You gotta question? I got an answer! Well... maybe not a good answer, but an answer none the less. So drop me a line in my email box sometime. You can find my email address in my profile. I look forward to your questions!


Mom said...

My doctor has told me that 139 would be my "ideal" weight. I am shooting for 150 as my goal, but realistically, I would be thrilled with 170 or 180 because I have lived in this body and know it pretty well. I also have a large frame. I am tall and when taking elbow measurements, I come out as a large frame. So it's not just me copping out. I agree with you, I am not shooting for a chart weight when reality is there telling me that even when I was a kid I wasn't 139. I was a pretty thin kid, but I always had boobs and I can't really see my actual body programming changing that much. We are what we are. Fighting that is just a recipe for frustration.

Chubby Chick said...

I'm shooting for a goal weight of 168, which is 200 pounds less than my starting weight, but to be perfectly honest, I would be ecstatic to just get below 200! I've been around 200 pounds before, and I felt really great at that weight... and I looked pretty good, too. So anything less than that will be heaven.

I'm glad you've added the "mail bag!" What a great idea! I'll be looking forward to more of these questions and answers. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are wise and practical to aim for this reasonable weight goal.

Anonymous said...

At 5'9", I was shooting for 165. Then it was pointed out to me by my Doctor that I am small framed. I have tiny wrists and the bones in my elbow are close together. My whole life I have been saying that I'm big-boned. I've always had these hips and breasts and wide shoulders. So, now I'm being told 150 is more of a fit for me.

Of course, the difference between losing 70 pounds and 85 pounds is not a huge one to me at this point and I may just get to 199 and throw a huge party.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to adhere to BMI so much because it doesn't measure muscle mass. Hell, according to that thing many stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and yes, even Brad Pitt are overweight and need to lose a few, which we all know is not true.

What matters most is your quality of life. Stop mentally beating yourself up, over-thinking and criticizing each body part. I know you must be like "Easy for you to say! What size are you?!" You know what? It doesn't matter because I'm pretty content with my body and I'm sure if you took a deep breath and loved and tolerated every beautiful or "imperfect" part of yourself inside and out you probably wouldn't need this website anymore. Plus, weighing x pounds isn't a guarantee you'll feel better or have a higher quality of life; I know a lot of people who've lost weight and can wear all the hot clothes, get all the dates and are still just as or more miserable than before and continue to nitpick at their appearance.

However, I do understand where you're coming from--the joy of feeling accomplishment and the discipline embodied in the vicious cycle of weightloss--its addictive and its safe. As women, we're expected to bend to society's standards or break. If this makes makes you happy; so be it. However, it might make you less mentally or physically healthy if you don't go about it the right way. Be safe and don't let this BMI or diet vs. exercise thing go to your head.

Anonymous said...

Wow...shoot me if I am ever such a big fat pig that my goal weight is to be the size of two normal people. You are pathetic.

Unknown said...

Um, what normal people are 90 or 100 lbs? If Nicole Richie is normal, God help us all.

I know that stupid comments like the previous one sting, even when we know know KNOW that they are stupid.

So, to counteract: You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing! You are amazing!

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DREA MZ said...

Hey karaoke kitty! I'm so impressed by your blog, I have been doing so many things to lose weight and sometimes it drives me crazy, and I get so anxious because I don't see a change in my weight even though my clothes were starting to fit better..I can't beat the sweet cravings and I feel so bad after eating them, I just wish I didn't want to eat, that I never liked anything. My friend is anorexic and she has lost so much weight and sometimes I just really wish I could have her strong will to do what she does...anyways I think you are great!

Anonymous said...

i love your effort to keep going and to strive for your goal. keep up the good work.

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