#10 - Skinny Gals' Complaints

I hate it when really skinny people complain about being fat. I especially love it when they complain right next to me. I often wonder what they think of me when they think of themselves as so fat. I must be like a continent to them! Anyway, I just hate it when they complain. "Oh, I look so fat in this belly shirt." "Oh my God, I could just die, my thighs are huge!" "Did you see my ass? It's, like, so big!" Can't stand it! Skinny chicks (who think they're fat) must die! I really hope as they age, these chicks really do get fat. Bitter much? Yeah, I guess.

Enough of the rant. Had WI today and I was TOTALLY shocked. I've at home sick with fluish crap, and managed to eat pretty much everything in the house. I missed WI last weekend and anticipated a huge gain. Believe it or not, I weighed the exact same thing I did two weeks ago. Not a loss, but hey, not a gain! Yeah me!


Kat E said...

That's awesome that you stayed the same at WI, and even more awesome that you dragged yourself down there--I know it's hard to go back after you've had a week or 2 like that!! I need to get back in there but I'm afraid...(I'm still tracking though!)

Lady Downsize! said...

I can so relate to skinny gal complaints. I often wonder if they even see what's next to them. I recently found your blog, so I'm catching up. I really like the concept of your blog and know exactly what you're saying.

Anonymous said...

ohh, yes. i relate to this one very well. my best friend is naturally really really skinny. if you didn't know that she ate junky food all the time you'd think she were anorexic. but shes deff. not. but she complains about being fat alllllllll the time! even when it's just us on a girls day she starts complaining! ugh.