#86 - My big butt!

OK sometimes I have posts that are very emotional and sad, some are deep and thought provoking, some are even serious and candid. But sometimes I have to be shallow. Today is one of those days! Sure we all know the emotional hardships of being fat, but sometimes it's the little things (OK maybe not so little haha) that really bother us. So the question on my mind lately is, where on Earth did I get this big ass? I suppose we just don't notice it as our butts get bigger and bigger cause frankly we don't look at ourselves from the back very often. When I look at pictures now of myself at 315 I think, OMG look at that bubble butt! Luckily it is getting smaller and smaller. *Phew* But still... It bothers me. I hate that when I sit in a chair next to someone, I seem really tall cause my ass acts like my own personal booster seat. And I'm not tall, nor do I have a super long torso, so that's not it. It's got to be my big butt. I hate that! I also hate that I forget how big my butt is sometimes and I find myself running into things with it. I was just shopping the other day, thought I could navigate through some clothes racks, but ended up knocking a bunch of stuff down cause of my ass. Grrr. How embarrassing! I suppose we always underestimate our size. Right? Isn't that how we got so fat in the first place? We just didn't realize it as it happened, then wham-o fatness! But don't get me wrong, I do appreciate nice curves. I'm not looking to achieve some tiny ass someday, I know that's not in the cards. But I would love to have a nice little J Lo butt someday, just the right amount of sexy curves without being too big.

Speaking of smaller asses, wow I was excited the other day. I've been holding at a size 22 for a bit now. But lately I noticed my jeans are looking like I have a saggy ass, you know, a bit too loose. So I pulled out my favorite size 20 jeans from when I was thinner. I slipped them on, and zipped them right up. WOW! OK they weren't pretty! Too tight still (my big ass!), but still... I could zip them up no problem. Woo hoo, I think a size 20 is just around the corner, maybe in another 5-10 pounds. Yay J Lo butt here I come!


Anonymous said...

"own personal booster seat" - hilarious!

Urban Chick said...

I love reading your blog. Not only are you really insightful, you are HI-LAR-I-OUS. You've inspired today's post on my own weight loss blog.

I have the exact opposite problem! What I lack in butt, I've got in breasts! I once called mine the girls...and one of my best friends said "Girls? Honey, those are full grown women!". The issue you have with those size 20 pants, I have with shirts. They will fit well everyhwere but the chest - even when I'm wearing a minimizer.

Having no butt runs in the family, my dad was a big man but had no butt...his pant size 52 slim! My grandfather was an average size man had no butt either. My sister is a shrinking fat chick (like me)...and also has no butt. I could go on and on.

My fitness body shaping goals: Shrink the chesticles and build butt. As I lose weight/get fit, I'm excited about the roundness that's appearing back there.

While I'll never have "my own personal booster seat", I look forward to having something that to grab onto back there :)

Leslie said...

I read your blog faithfully (took a couple of hours one night and read the whole thing!!) and I can relate to almost every single thing you write... you have a gift for explaining these painful consequences of being fat with a hilarious voice.

I just had to comment here because the 'personal booster seat' made me laugh out loud.

Keep up your good work - you're doing amazing and you're keeping a lot of people inspired and smiling :)

Dee said...

HAHAHA! lol! I've got the built in booster seat too!! I hate it! Maybe one day I'll be sitting at the same "level" as everyone else!

BabyDreamer*FatFighter said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I LOVE it. You inspired me to start my own blog! I want to thank you for being honest and bold. You let people know what really goes on in a heavy person's mind and don't beat around the bush. And your sense of humor just rounds everything out!

Chubby Chick said...

I am shaped like a total pear, and have a big bubble butt, too! I think I'm going to like being curvy when I'm thinner... but right now I hate my butt!

Once I sat down in a bar stool (not at a bar, at an ice-cream shop... surprise, surprise.. lol) and I could not sit back the whole way into the chair because of my big butt! And the whole time my friend and I were there, I was FIGHTING to not slide off of the bar stool! I was in pain and felt miserable!!! I could not wait to get out of that shop! lol

Anonymous said...
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R.E. said...

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Anonymous said...

I was told by a co-worker "girl you got a big butt" in front of 10 co-workers. I must have turned red. The comment alone, plus the fact that the co-worker, or so I thought, had a J-Lo butt x3 and here she was saying it to me. Talk about not realizing how big I was getting!!!!
At least I can laugh about it now.

kikibibi said...

LMAO!!! (pun intended)

I'm changing my homepage from Epicurious to your blog! (yes, Epicurious.com as a home page is pretty sick for someone trying to lose weight, but I love to cook!).

Thanks for the inspriration! kk

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can really relate to what you're saying about your bum being big. Mine is massive. It looks like a have a baby grand piano shoved down my pants or something. I wear a top which is a size 42, and pants which are a size 50, because my bum is so big.

And it's funny how you said you never really noticed how bad it was. I didn't notice either, until the boyfriend of a friend of mine made a cruel comment.

I had just said, "I best be home in time for dinner, or Nana will kick my arse!"

And he said "Well, that wouldn't be hard to miss. Even if she had small feet!"

I was so horrified and outraged, but he was right, and I hate hate hate my big fat bum!

Anonymous said...

i seem to always underestimate my hips - knocking stuff over, bumping into door frames and such. im constantly finding odd bruises from it!

Anonymous said...

I, like you, have a booster seat. In fact, my sister calls it a shelf and claims she could put her beer on it. Needless to say, whenever I need to sit in a straight-backed chair, I look like I'm extremely tall because I've been lifted a little and there's always a few inches between my lower back and the back of the chair. Needless to say, when I'm on a plane or in a confined space I miss my size 14 arse!!

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