#76 - Cellulite

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I was in the processes of moving. Why is it that when you move you discover how much unnecessary crap you have? Omg, I couldn't believe how many boxes it took to pack up all my stuff. Unfortunately I inherited the pack-rat tendency from my dad. I suppose I am destined to live a life of clutter! One upside to this whole moving process was some weight loss. I was worried cause, like I've said before, I'm a daily weigher, and once my scale got packed away, I couldn't weigh myself for over a week. I was also worried cause I was eating a lot of take out food. You know, no pots, no pans, no plates, no glasses = many nights of junk food. :( I was feeling totally bloated from the massive quantities of MSG I'd been consuming so I was absolutely sure I packed on some pounds during the move. The other day I finally found my scale amid the sea of boxes in my new house. I was kind of dreading to see how much weight I had put on, but to my surprise I had actually lost weight. And not just a little weight. I guess moving into a 4 story condo (all stairs - no elevator) was just the exercise I needed to combat all the take out food cause in about a week I had lost 8 pounds!!! Yes you read right - 8 pounds!!! I was sure my weight loss would be temporary, probably due to water weight loss from all the exercise, but so far I've kept the weight off for over a week now. I think going from one level living to 4 levels has helped me get in more exercise. It's like having a built-in stairmaster that I'm forced to use everyday.

OK, OK, enough about the move, let me talk about my reason #76, why I hate being fat - the dreaded cellulite. Yeah like being fat isn't hard enough, why do my fat thighs have to look like cottage cheese? And I know I'm not alone in this. It's estimated that 80-90% of all women have cellulite. We all hate it! I've even seen some pictures of models before airbrushing and noticed a bit of cellulite on them too. Turns out not even the perfect people are free from this blight. Now that I've been losing a fair bit of weight, I've been trying to do everything I can to make the best of what I have. I'm spending more time on my hair, makeup, skin, nails, etc., including trying to make my cellulite look better. LOL I know this might be a lost cause, but what the heck, let me try to make it look better. There are a lot of procedures and products out on the market that seem to me to be total crap. I really don't know how much a massage is going to help take away this fat, or if some miracle cream will miraculously dissolved the little lumps. It kind of seems like a waste of money to me. It's probably smarter to work on losing weight now, and worrying about getting rid of cellulite later (if that's possible haha).

But I did read an article recently in Shape magazine about inexpensive things you can do to help combat cellulite. First and foremost was diet and exercise. It's so true about having a good diet. When you eat right and drink enough water your skin really starts to glow. I know if I've had a few days of junk food (*ahem* like take out for several nights in a row) my skin looks oily and dull and I feel awful and tired. But after even a few days eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water, my skin clears, my face brightens and I feel more energetic. Anyway, back to cellulite. So one of the theories is that you can try to help the cellulite from the inside out. Get your insides healthy first, then the outside will appear healthier too. Another tip to combat the cellulite was to use cheap over the counter lotions to try to soften the appearance of the bumpy skin. I thought 'hey I'll give one of these products a try, what can it hurt?' So I forked out about $7 for a tube of cellulite cream from the drug store. Every night I slather the lotion on my thighs and hope for the best. In a couple weeks my skin is already looking a bit smoother. Remember I am losing weight too, so it's not like some miracle lotion or anything. But it does appear to be firming up my skin a bit as promised. My thighs are looking smoother than they have looked in years. But honestly, would I have seen the same results from any old lotion? My guess is probably. I think the point is that you need to keep your skin hydrated to make it look soft and supple, to help minimize the look of the cellulite. Cellulite sucks, but remember we all have it, so you are definitely not alone in this battle! It's not just a problem for fat people, it's a problem for skinny people too. I will leave you with this: Good luck fighting your lumps and bumps! And in the future, may you only have dimples on the cheeks of your face and not the cheeks of your butt. :)

Update: I posted a new before pic on my Progress Pics page. It's a better pic that really shows what 315 on me looks like. It also makes my progress look much better!!! LOL Anyway, take a peek, see what you think.


Anonymous said...


have you still been posting ?

Anonymous said...

It's true that cellulite are best removed from inside... By cutting out dairy, wheat, refined carbs and eating lots of raw fruit and veg, you will notice a difference within month or two. Cellulite is just toxins trapped in fat cells. Another very helpful practice, that's good for overall detoxing, is bodybrushing. Brush your body with a loofah or soft brush either before or during your shower, always working towards the heart. This helps move lymphatic fluid and cellulite! If you can stand it, turn the shower to cold after you're done washing... You'll feel like a million dollars! The French do it!

Christine said...

Glad you survived the move. I hate packing up my life and seeing how much junk I really have. :)

Cellulite. I had always wondered about those pricey creams. But obviously people are using them - otherwise there wouldn't be a whole shelf of them at the stores!

Anonymous said...

so glad to see you posting again! first of all, congratulations on your weight loss! i recently came across your blog and i have to say that it has really inspired me to keep up my weight loss..as for cellulite,i absolutely hate it and it seems there's nothing to do about it! i'm going on a cruise with my boyfriend and dreading swimsuit time :( but you're right that it seems that everyone has to deal with it..my sister and good friend (who are both a size 2) suffer from cellulite..i also agree with you that the best thing to probably do is drink water and eat a healthy diet..keep up the good work with your weight loss..you really inspire me!

Anonymous said...

My legs became more toned over time after I moved into the second floor of an apartment from the first floor. Stairs everyday really makes a difference! I lost weight when I moved also...almost makes me want to pack up and move stuff once a month! lol

Anonymous said...

I once went to an "expo" where porn stars were performing in the flesh (don't ask - I don't think I'd go again!), and they had... cellulite! Bumpy bottoms! It was a revelation.

On the other hand, I saw something on TV where people don't want to introduce some kind of new digital technology to porn, because the images will be clearer so you will be able to see all the cellulite and 'imperfections'. I don't normally talk so much about porn but I thought this was kind of sad.

Ugh, I have enough trouble remembering to eat and exercise let alone rubbing in lotions!

Verity said...

The evil that is cellulite eh! I recommend exfoliating gloves - I got mine for 99p and they are the best thing ever. You put them on when you are in the shower and then use them while you wash yourself - just with normal shower gel. They make your skin feel really healthy afterwards and they are not too harsh so you can use them everyday. Good luck and keep up the good work x

Anonymous said...

I just googled what was in my heart and my head which is that I HATE BEING FAT!
At 185 pounds on my frame I feel like a real load of pork most of the time.
Funny thing is, I feel out of control, different somehow wacky and the more I try to diet the more I feel like eating!
I will keep reading your blog, you make me feel like i am not the only one who hates being fat!

Anonymous said...

not everyone has cellulite. I don't have a drop of cellulite. but then again, I do eat incredibly healthy and exercise 2 hrs a day... so I guess what you say is true, how your body is on the inside will be reflected on the outside.
I hope you keep working hard at this, although I am not overweight this blog has taught me to accept myself and be more tolerant of others.

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