#71 - Stomach getting in the way of everything

First off, thanks so much for all your awesome comments!! Man you guys really motivate me to keep at it!!! It was tough for me to post pics of myself. But your words of support and encouragement really made my day!! Thank you so much!!!!!

OK, so reason #71 - My stomach. I really hate that it gets in the way of everything. Sometimes I feel like a pregnant woman, with the big protruding belly. At my heaviest, I couldn't even tie my shoes let alone see my feet. I just couldn't bend over far enough cause my gut would get in the way. So is it better now that I've lost 53 (yes 53!!!) pounds? Hmm, not so much. Haha. Now my trouble is a lot of loose skin, which still seems to get in the way, but never the less, truthfully it is better. I'll take loose skin over fat any day!!! I just really hope that all this skin with start to firm up at some point. It's not a pretty sight. I used to have rolls of fat, now I have rolls of skin. Yuck-o. I really don't want to go through the pain of a tummy tuck at some point. I'm not against cosmetic surgery, but I'd prefer to not do it. I lost a ton (OK not a ton - 50 pounds) of weight when I was 23 and my stomach shrunk right up. I'm hoping and praying for the skin elasticity of a 23 year old now at 33. Guess my new mantra should be: firm skin, firm skin, firm skin. But I'm doing what I can to help the process along, eat good healthy foods, exercise to help with toning, and moisturize as an attempt to help keep my skin elastic. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. But what ever happens I know that I'll be much happier knowing I'm healthier even if it means a little saggy skin. :))

I seem to have busted through my little plateau quite amazingly cause I didn't change anything I was doing. Guess my body just needed a little time to adjust. I think this is a really important lesson about sticking to it. I was starting to get really frustrated seeing the same number on the scale every day (I'm a daily weigher - I just have to, it keeps me focused). Anyway, I knew that sometimes the body resists weight loss and can be stubborn (I completely understand that, I'm a Taurus so I know stubborn). So I knew I just had to keep trying, that eventually I WOULD lose more, and sure enough the weight starting coming off again. I seem to making up for lost time though, and I seem to be losing kinda fast this week. I'm sure I'll be back in another plateau in no time, it's just the way my body deals with weight loss. In the end it all averages out to about 1 pound lost per week, a nice healthy rate of weight loss. And I'm happy to report that with every pound lost, my stomach shrinks more and more. Yay!!


Brigitte said...

Good for you, you are such an inspiration. It was a very good idea to post your pictures. It took courage on your part but you will be glad you do it once your adventure is over.

Groovybabe said...

Loose skin is something I worry about to be honest but like you say loose skin is better than loads of fat so I am sure we will deal with it even if we are left with loose skin. I'd probably have an op to get rid if it didn't get lost on its own... but thats ages away - I have to lose the weight first!

Lisa Sargese said...

I know just what you mean about that stubborn plateau! I get so impatient myself. I too am an every day weigher! I'm glad to hear you're sticking with it and making progress. Right on!

Anonymous said...

Hi there karaokekitty,

I understand you pretty well, since I've gone through the getting-thin-thing, and then the getting-fat-again thing over and over again. This madness makes our bodies go like yo-yos (and our minds too!!)

I guess you must have read tonssssssssss of books about this matter, who hasn't? But then I found a book that talked about this frustrating matter from a very different and new point of view.

It basically says that when this happens, it's all about self-sabotage, because though you DO want to lose weight, there's a part of you who DOESN'T.

This book tells you how to get "in touch" with that part of yourself who, believe it or not, DOESN'T want to be thin, because it has a "very important reason" not to lose that weight you want.

Finding out WHY this happens is what helps you, in first place, to lose the weight, and secondly, not getting fat ever again.

It's not about miraculous diets, hypnosis, or stuff like that. It's just about working with yourself and all those "parts" of you who don't let you get what you want.

The book is: What's your sabotage? and the author is Alyce Cornyn-Selby.

You can find information about this book, and the author herself on the following website:


Have a look and see if it helps. I hope it does. It's helping me a lot indeed.

Best wishes :)

PD: Oh! You can e-mail me here:

Victorya said...

Man, computer ate the eloquent comment I made so I give you this one instead:

I feel this man, really I do. I love to blame my fat for everything but then, miracle of miracles last time I allowed myself to be happy the weight left me, it wasn't the other way around.

Not 'meeting' guys is my punishment for being fat - self-sabotage. It is really about self-confidence over all, as I see women way bigger than Either of us with good guys.

When i have the confidence and talk with men, they have always said the reason they didn't approach before is I didn't give them a chance (meaning, they had, I was too down on myself to see it).

Like I said, I feel ya. I just hit thirty and I wonder if I'll every get a guy. Then i wonder how I get myself out of that type of thinking and focus on myself instead.

awesome work you've done, 50 pounds is amazing! I'm proud of you for keeping to it and talking so openly about it.

Anonymous said...

Are you drinking enough water? That helps with bringing back the elasticity to your skin.

Honi said...

WOW your pics are great and I do see a big different.. MUCH LUCK TO U

Anonymous said...

You're stomach shrinking into shape at 23 is a good motivator for me. I am 22, and carrying a lot of weight in the stomach area too. I keep thinking, i really should loose weight in the next year or so, while i am young. I am glad to hear that it should pay off!

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

good luck on losing those pounds!

Unknown said...

Good luck
But I have one question please

When your weight is coming down.
You did not face any problem mmmmmmmmmmmm
Like loose skin in the end of stomach

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'll be back in another plateau in no time, it's just the way my body deals with weight loss. In the end it all averages out to about 1 pound lost per week, a nice healthy rate of weight los lexmarkwifi.com And I'm happy to report that with every pound lost, my stomach shrinks more and more. Yay!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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