I love lists!

Clearly I'm one to make lists, as this blog so obviously conveys. But I also makes lots and lots of lists in my everyday life. Grocery list, to do list, wish list, work to do list, my goal list, etc., etc. So I was browsing the net today and came across an article that I thought deserved mentioning, since it was, you guessed it, a list. Yahoo news had this article from Prevention Magazine about the 100 Smartest Diet Tips Ever. They've complied a list of common sense tips regarding weight loss. We've heard most of these before, but they're definitely worth reviewing from time to time to help jump start a stagnating diet plan or bust through a plateau. My favorite is #3 "Resolve never to supersize your food portions - unless you want to supersize your clothes". Anyway, it's a great list, take a peek.


I've been having a lot of fun using a virtual weight simulator. You've probably seen these before, but if you haven't it's fun! How do you like my before and afters? I'm already 28 pounds down from the before, so I'm definitely still a work in progress.


So I've been using this AWESOME free online diet program for the past few weeks, Spark People. Maybe you saw the little button show up on the right recently. In the past I've used Weight Watchers Online, but money is super tight, so I couldn't fork out the cash for a diet plan. I was referred to Spark People by other diet bloggers, who very enthusiastically recommended them. I was reluctant, I mean how great could it be? And what's with the name, Spark People? It sounds like some kind of cult or something. But I decided to try it and it turns out it's super great! My fellow web-dieters were right. You can track your nutrition, they have a huge list of food comparable to WW Online, Nutrition Data, and Calorie-Count. You can track your fitness, not only cardio, but also strength training. But best of all, is that they supply a diet plan (a very reasonable calorie range), meal plans (for those of us with little creativity when dieting), and a fitness plan (it's like a personal trainer). They have tons of articles on nutrition, fitness, motivation, health and wellbeing. They have a huge community with lots of supportive message boards covering virtually every topic. You can even join a team and lose weight together. They have a great selection of healthy recipes, and they even have a recipe builder so you can calculate the calories in your favorite homemade sticky buns! And what does all of this cost? Nothing! It's free! They have private sponsors, so yes, there are ads. But hey, it's free! So I'm joining the ranks of my fellow bloggers and shouting from the rooftops about this great website. Check it out, I bet you'll love it. And you know what? They have lots and lots of lists. I love it!


Lori said...

Hey, thanks for the links! I'm going to try the virtual model...EEEK!

Emmie said...

Hey great links...I think I need to watch out on my diet too.Thanx for these stuff.Would love to try out!!Cheers!!Love blog

Anonymous said...

hi. you might want to visit www.listography.com to share & archive your lists...seems like you might like it!

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