#42 - Hair Styles: No matter what I do with my hair, I still look fat!

Are you like me, ever searching for the perfect face flattering hair style, guaranteed to minimize your fatness? Haven't found it? Nope, me either. It seems like no matter what I do with my hair, I always look fat. Ok, I guess it's no surprise, because, duh, I am fat. But still, it seems like there should be some kind of hair style that would flatter my figure a bit. I've done pretty much EVERYTHING with my hair: short, long, straight, curly, bangs, no bangs, brown, blond, etc. And most of the time, each hair style actually made me look fatter (is that possible?). So I've pretty much given up on the whole hair thing and have worn my hair the same way for years: straight, long, brown, boring. Why is it that fat chicks think long hair will make them look thinner? I'll admit it, I'm one of those chicks. I guess that's why I keep my hair so long. But really, in the end you just look like a fat chick with long hair. I've gone to hair stylists over the years to be told that layers around my face will flatter the shape of my face (my fat face). Not! I swear layers around the face simply enhance the roundness, making you look even fatter. Then I was told a short blunt cut would suit me. Not! That just meant my hair stopped at my jawline and accentuated my chubby cheeks. Then I was told, hightlights will would slim me a bit. Nope. I just looked like a heavy gal with streaks. So I give up. It's long, one length, brown hair for me. That is, until someone tells me about yet another face flattering cut that I'm sure I will try. I keep thinking that when I'm thinner, I'll do something nice with my hair. But really, in the end I think I'll just keep it straight and long. Then I'll be the skinny chick with long hair!

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Megan said...

I have had a hard time finding a good hairstyle for me too. Recently, I noticed that my layered hair was getting to bulky at the side & was starting to make me look heavier than I am. So I had the girl add a few layers, so that it added volume on top. And I also had her thin it quite a bit also. Good luck!