#40 - Running into doors - I don't know my own width

Does this ever happen to you? I happens to me all the time. I apparently don't know my own girth, and as a result, I'm constantly running into door frames. I guess my brain still thinks I'm some 160 pound person. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't fit through doors. I just seem to miscalculate my own width, don't center myself through the door, then wham-o, I run right into the frame. Ouch! My mom does this all the time, too. So maybe it's genetic klutziness or something. I've even miscalculated my own width and ran into people before. You too? I think, "Oh I'll just sneak by that person and not disrupt them," but then I bump right into them with my shoulder. And I'm no light-weight. When I bump into people, it's probably like a linebacker ploughing into someone on the gridiron. I feel really bad when I ram into people, maybe even more embarrassed. Skinny-minis don't have this problem, do they? I'm sure everyone has their bouts with clumsiness, but I run into stuff all the time. I guess I not only miscalculate my size, but I also am a little off-balanced due to the weight, resulting in a lot of collisions. Oh well, yet another reason I hate being fat!

So the holidays are sooooooooooooooo hard to deal with when you're trying to cut sugar out of your diet and lose weight! My God, is everything made of sugar? I'm dealing with pre-diabetes and trying to be really good about making wise food choices. But damn! It's so hard this time of year! The last of the batches of Christmas cookies have been baked now (and yes there were quite a few casualties that ended up in my stomach). I'm planning on giving most of the cookies away as gifts. I know, I really should give them ALL away, but hey, it's Christmas. I need a little treat now and again. Besides, I told myself I would never go on a diet again, rather I would make better food choices in a less restrictive manner. I think it's the super strict diets that say, "You aren't allowed carbs or sugar or dairy or fat or whatever..." that result in failure. You should never say never about food. It's all about moderation. OK, the six cookies I had today was not an example of moderation, but I'm not gonna let it get me down. I think all eating plans need to allow for some kind of treats, whether they be low cal or limited to special occasions or just a bite, whatever. I just don't think we should ever say that we can't ever eat some particular thing ever again. Think about it, at some point you'll be tempted by your weakness (cookies anyone?), you'll indulge, then if you've totally restricted yourself from that item, you're going to feel totally awful like you've failed or something. That's just stupid. How about 1) never say never, 2) enjoy your favorite treats in moderation, 3) be realistic about what moderation means - a whole cheesecake is NOT moderation, 4) don't freak out if you do over do it - one day of failure will NOT erase a year of hard work. So these are the treat rules I've been following, and it's working pretty well, though I must admit the holidays are hard. I just remind myself that I'm still 20 pounds lighter than I was a few months ago, and a couple cookies aren't going to erase all the good habits I've picked up recently. So enjoy the holidays, continue to work hard toward your goals, and know that you can do it! Before you know it, you won't be running into anymore door frames.


Kat E said...

I am *constantly* running into furniture, doorframes, etc. It's terrible!

It is important to remember the whole "one day of failure doesn't erase a year of hard work" idea...too often I let one bad day slide into one or 2 bad weeks out of guilt and shame, and that doesn't need to happen!

Linda - Operation Stick To It said...

I've bumped into door frames a couple times recently but I also seem to be knocking a lot of things off desks at work with my hips/outer thigh area. It's so embarassing.

Anonymous said...

After this happened to me a few times, I decided to ask my father if it has ever happened to him. He has expressed his frustration to me before about little odd things he does because he is overweight (all of which I also did) and so we can usually laugh about it. When I told my dad that I misjudge my own size and run into doorways he said "wow, no, I've never done that. thats weird." And we laughed. At that moment I figured, Oh well... guess I'm the only one who does that! LOL

And then I found this!!!! :-) Absolutely amazing! You are a gem of a soul, and your honesty is just as refreshing as losing weight! Well, almost... :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! omg, I have been doing this for almost as long as I can remember. it's generally when I'm turning a corner or something, but occasionally I'll walk down a hallway, or through a door and ram into it.
I call it spatial dyslexia :) Not sure if it's a fat thing, or we few are just "special" lol

I do the whole knocking things over too, with my bloody hips lol. That's definately a fat thing ;)