#38 - I hate that I barely need to wear a coat in the winter!

The wind has started blowing and the chill of winter is upon us. My friends complain of the freezing temps, but it just doesn't seem to bother me. I'm still wearing my thin polar fleece jacket, unzipped no less. I hate that as a fat gal I'm always hot. When the winter comes, and everyone pulls out their favorite sweaters, I'm still sporting t-shirts all winter long. I work in one of those building where it's freezing in the summer and boiling in the winter, and I must say I'm miserable now that the heat has really started kicking in. I suppose I'm not unlike a sea lion that packs on blubber for the winter for protection, it's just that my blubber doesn't get used up by spring. Unfortunately I'm destined to be overly hot, no matter the season. Many of my co-workers are from balmy foreign lands and are very unaccustomed to the cold; therefore the thermostat is usually cranked up pretty high most of the time, sometimes as high as 80. It kills me. When no one is looking, I usually bring the temp down to a normal 72. I wish they would leave the thermostat alone. They can always put on more clothes. I, on the other hand, cannot strip off excess layers of fat and skin that easily. Boy that's another good reason to lose weight. I hate feeling hot! So maybe once the temps get below 30, then I'll actually pull out my winter coat.

I've been watching the Biggest Loser lately. Gosh, I love that show. It's so totally motivating to see people shed over a hundred pounds. It makes me see that with a lot of hard work, I too can accomplish my weight loss goals. I hate the statistics though. 98% of people that lose weight, inevitably gain it all back. That sucks! I'm hoping that though my small and manageable life changes I'm making (through nutrition and exercise) that I can be one of the 2% that actually manages to lose it and keep it off. Last night on BL, two of the former contestants returned to the show to help motivate and inspire the final four contestants. I was very surprised to see that Matt, who had lost over 100 pounds, had gained a significant amount of weight back. I'm glad he addressed this issue with everyone, and stated that he did rebound, but now he was working to lose it again. He realized that this isn't a one-time diet plan, it's something you need to work at the rest of your life. It's not like I can lose 140 pounds then return to a life full of cheesecake and laziness. I have to permanently commit to this. It's a bit daunting to think of life-long goals, isn't it? But I have to keep reminding myself: one day at a time. I clearly can't lose the weight overnight, and it's going to be a lot of work to keep it off, but all I can do now is to try my hardest each and every day.

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Catherine said...

I think that because you are making small and sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than trying some quick weight loss gimmick, you will be able to keep off the weight you've lost (and the weight you've yet to lose). That is exactly what I did, and I've kept it off for two years now. Granted, my goal was less significant than yours -- I wanted to lose around 20 lbs. and ended up losing close to 30 -- but the main thing is that when you make small, sensible, maintainable lifestyle changes and you realize that they are, in fact, lifestyle changes and not just temporary fixes, you will be able to lose the weight and keep it off.