#35 - Being told I have a pretty face

Isn't this the kiss of death for a fat girl? I absolutely HATE being told I have a pretty face! I know, this should be a compliment, but it really doesn't feel like it. It's more like someone telling you, "Hey you're a big fat ass, but at least you aren't ugly." When I was thin, I was quite a looker, so yes, I do have a pretty face, but I hate when people say it. Can't they just say, "You’re pretty"? Why do they have to add that qualifier...a pretty face?

On a side note, sort of related to this topic, I tried this new online face recognition program that matches your face to similar looking celebrities (Celebrity Face Recognition). It was a fun little waste of time, I highly recommend it. If nothing, it was quite the ego booster. I uploaded several images (as recommended by the program) to find my best matching celebs and was pleasantly surprised that I share features with some real hotties! Then I thought, yeah this program is probably rigged to tell everyone they look like George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. Not so. I tried this program with a couple of friends' images and they matched with not-so-attractive celebs. Hmmm, does this really mean I have a pretty face? The program told me I resembled Katherine Heigl (from Gray's Anatomy), Kate Bosworth, Rachel Weisz and Katie Holmes. By no means do I look exactly like these women, we merely share certain features. But still, what an ego booster! I guess this is one way to see whether you truly do have a pretty face after all. Like I said, it was a fun waste of time! But maybe it wasn't a total waste of time. One thing this little exercise did for me was to show me my true potential. It made me think that if I could manage to lose all my excess weight, I could actually look like a Hollywood starlet. What an incentive to lose weight!

So this post seems a little two-sided. On one hand I don't want people to tell me I have a pretty face, while one the other hand, I found a program to tell me I have a pretty face. People are so complicated! I guess what I don't want is an unsolicited comment about my looks that makes it abundantly clear they think I'm fat. You know? It's like someone saying, "you're not that bad". It's one thing to realize for yourself that you are a beautiful, attractive person; it's another for someone to put a qualifier on your beauty by limiting it to your face. I'm big. I'm beautiful. Get used to it!


Anonymous said...

I tried this and it said I was similar to Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie, and a few others...plus the Dalia Lahma!


Anonymous said...

I seem to get told by relatives that i look "lovely". I feel slighted but im not sure why...