#29 - Sugar Addiction/ Hypoglycemia

Most overweight people are clearly addicted to sugar (or carbs). We constantly snack and overeat. Everytime we try to diet we are plagued with hideous sugar craving that usually result in our failing to stick to a diet. It's a never ending cycle - eat too much sugar, insulin levels rise, insulin causes blood sugar to drop, the drop in blood sugar causes hunger, you eat, blood sugar rises, insulin levels rise, etc. etc. etc. In normal people, this cycle is tightly controlled, but in some individuals, sugar control is a problem. For some, when sugar is over consumed the blood sugar rises very high, which then means a lot of insulin is released, which then makes the blood sugar plummet, which then makes you feel starving, which means you then overeat to excess. It really sucks! The only times I've been free of my addiction is when I followed the Atkins diet - it basically breaks your sugar/insulin cycle and evens things out.

This weekend my sugar addiction fully manifested. I've always been a borderline hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), but it was never clinically diagnosed. I just always knew that if I waited too long between meals I would get cranky, tired, and sometimes woozy. For the past month or so I've been trying really hard to cut down on what I eat, but it turns out my strategy back-fired. I've managed to lose 18 pounds in the past month by cutting back on my calories. Yay me! Anyway, yesterday I was out and about, started my day with a normal breakfast, then stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. As I waited in line, I became very light-headed, I was even starting to see stars. I sat down and ate a granola bar from my purse - I figured my blood sugar dipped or something. But I just couldn't shake the dizziness, I had a hard time standing up. Luckily my pharmacy is in the same building as my Urgent Care facility. I decided to stop by the clinic for a quick check. As I started to check in (writing down my name and other info) I got super dizzy and for a second couldn't remember my name. Then my legs gave out on me and I slumped down. I freaked the receptionist out, and she rushed to my aide and got me some apple juice. I still felt really weird - I'd never had an episode that bad before - thank God it happened at the clinic. Anyway, long story short, my blood glucose was 50. Yikes, pretty low. I just don't know how this happened. I had just had breakfast maybe an hour or so before. Weird. So I went home, rested, ate good foods, went to bed. But then today the same thing happened, only this time I was at home and my legs gave out on me in my bedroom and I fell to the floor. I had a friend rush me back to the clinic, only to be told that my sugar was low and had I eaten anything. Duh! Of course, I ate. My question is , why can't I keep my blood sugar up? It just keeps falling. I been sick lately (kidney infection) so that may have aggravated my hypoglycemia. Also I've been on antibiotics which can cause hypoglycemia, so that might be the cause. Who knows?

My doctor today asked me about the dieting. When I told her I'd lost 18 pounds this month, she said that was way too fast for a hypoglycemic, and that I shouldn't cut back on my carbs so severely. I've never had a doctor tell me to eat more before, it was surreal! So I have all these books on hypoglycemia - I guess it's time I finally follow their advice! I guess it took me a weekend of fainting to realize my sugar really is out of control and that if I don't do something now, I could be in a lot of trouble!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found out that I am hypoglycemic. I am on a reduced carb diet to lose weight. I have read a few things about high insulin levels (low blood sugar), they say that low blood sugar increases your fat stores. What is your experience with this? Can you email me at tandtgallo@yahoo.com?


Anonymous said...

I'm 27 and just found out that I have hypoglycemia. I now know why I would get so moody, impatient and mean whenever I'm hungry and my sugar levels drop. I really hate this illness because it makes me weak and always tired. I can sleep 7-8 hours and still feel like a train has ran over me. I wish I had never been a sugar addict and a junk food addict. I'm now paying the price!

I read something by Dr. Reams where you can cure hypoglycemia by doing a lemon water fast. I was thinking of doing that, but there's not much information on it online. I know that if I speak to a doctor, they'll tell me not to do a fast because it's apparently forbidden if you're a hypoglycemic.

Anyway, hope you are doing well with your sugar battle. Keep us posted.