#27 - Stomach Rolls

It's been far too long since I updated my blog. I've just been busy, busy, busy! I've been doing the whole online dating thing lately - ok at least the online meeting new people thing - it hasn't got to the actual dating yet. But now it seems I may have the opportunity to meet some guys in person, and that is what inspired this blog entry.

I hate that I have stomach rolls! Eeeewwwww! The sound of it is just gross - stomach rolls! I neverminded having a little stomach pooch, but outright rolls - gross! Nothing wrong with girls being soft and curvy, but to actually have rolls? What I'm really nervous about is actually getting naked in front of other people right now. The last time I had sex I was much more fit - still heavy, but not this obese. I just wonder how a guy would react to my body at this point. Although I have to consider, if he likes me with my clothes on, he already knows what he'd be getting into, so he would probably like me without my clothes too. Who knows?

I guess this falls into the category of yet another chick-body-conscious issue. It seems even perfect girls have hangups about something wrong with their bodies. I clearly know I have a lot of weight to lose, but should this stop me from having any fun now? If I find a man accepting of me at this size, why shouldn't I go for it? I mean what do I think will happen? Go on a date, good times, laughter, fun, a little kissing, a little stroking, make out, off comes the clothes, guy says "dear God I had no idea you were this fat". LOL Probably not! I guess I just need to get over it and just go for it! I'm the only one holding me back!!!


Anonymous said...

I think tummy roles are absolutely beautiful. They are so soft and luscious and feel so sensuous and sexy!

I appreciate lusciously large fat women who love their fat and flaunt it- finding sexy clothes to dress in that accentuate their beautiful curves!

Their confidence- flying in the face of mainstream fat phobia- extolling the virtues of being fat make them all the more confident and sexy!

So rather than change your body- you could change how you accept your lovely body!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with the above.

Fat is beautiful!!! Fat Rolls are even sexier.

MEAGHAN said...

I have the same feelings. I look at myself, I think, "What in this will anyone ever find attractive?"

:/ Yet another reason not to cheat on my diet.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the first comment- you shouldn't accept your body since you are trying to make changes for a healthier body. Stomach rolls are gross to look at but you are trying to get rid of them and lose weight- instead of people saying fat people should love themselves just the way they are, they should do something to lose weight!

Anonymous said...

Hi, first let me say I love your blog.
I am young... in college still and I weigh 180 lbs I have a stomach roll and its so disgusting, often times I touch it and just wish it would be gone....
id rather be fat than actually have rolls...
Thanks for puting this our in the open.

Its so hard, I used to be 125-130 pounds i thought i was fat... i didnt know that i was fine, healthy ect. it put alot in perspective.
goodluck with everything. i support you 100%

Anonymous said...

kind of commenting on the comments and your blog here... I think what we need to do, and yes, I say "we" as I am also overweight, 5'10 and at my heaviest of 308 atm :(
Anyway, back to my thought, one person replied just love your body, another person said omg, dont do that! I think maybe what we need to do it a bit of both. I know a lot of my problems stem from self hatred. I hate how I look now, it get's me depressed, and I eat, and the problem just continues to get worse. Where if I was to learn to love myself, and NOT be so hard on myself, maybe that would make the weight loss a little easier? I mean really, it's no wonder I'm overweight and depressed, I'm extremely hard on myself. I'm going to try and be a little easier on myself, and aim for being happy. I think that will be my new goal, and with happiness, and acceptance, hopefully the rest will follow :)

AquariusMoon said...

Perhaps you can try not focusing so much on your body and how you love or hate it; rather, focus on your goal. Break it up into smaller goals so that they're more easily achievable and buy something pretty when you reach each one.

Keep remembering how good it feels to succeed each time and be motivated to keep going. All the best!