#21 - Table or booth?

I hate that I wonder if I'll fit into a booth at a restaurant. I've only had one experience where I didn't quite fit into the booth - strange, uncomfortable situation where I quickly told the waitress, "No, I really don't like this table. Can I sit there [at a table]?" That was embarrassing! I really hate booths that have oversized tables. You know the ones, the ones where you feel like you need a booster seat. I end up feeling like Edith Ann (Lily Tomlin's little girl character that sits in a giant rocking chair). I hate these booths, because, as a large woman, not only don't I fit into the booth, but my boobs hang over the oversized table! I feel like I might dip my bosies in the soup!

This week has been pretty great actually. Started working out again! Yeah me! Still trying to watch what I eat. But the biggest surprise came from my bathroom scale. I've been weighing myself pretty much everyday (I know I should only weigh weekly or something), anyway, I've been stuck fluctuating between the same 5 pounds for a couple weeks. Then I weighed myself and the scale said I was 230 pounds (hello - I'm around 300 - where did that # come from?!?). I have a scale that is supposed to last for like ten years or something (a permanent lithium ion battery). Apparently my scale is fffuuuccccckkkkked! So I wondered, how long has the scale been funky? My mom tells me she used my scale the week before and it said she was like ten pounds heavier than she really is. Hmmmm. I wondered if I had actually lost more weight than the scale let on. So I weighed myself on my mom's scale...lo and behold, it turns out I really hadn't been bouncing around those same five pounds after all - I lost 8 pounds!!!! So it turns out I've managed to lose about 12 pounds total in the past 4 weeks! I guess this Weight Watchers thing really does work!!!


Kat E said...

way to go! I love when the scale is wrong in your favor :)

My name is Anna said...

My dad is 450 pounds and any time we go out to eat we have to ask for a table for him. But I think he has been obese for so long that now he thinks the world is supposed to cater to him. He is no longer embarrassed but acts like the world owes him something for being the way he is. It is kind of enfuriating because it justs adds to making it easier for him to not change. It is a strange phenomenon.

Thanks for the blog.