#13 - Sweating

Yes, it is true - fat people sweat more than the average Joe. I just had some people over for my birthday today (yeah - happy birthday me!). As more people came into my house, the temperature in the room began to rise. By the time everyone left the party, I was a sweaty mess. Ok, I'm not like dripping with sweat or anything, but my hair got all stringy because I kept wiping perspiration from my forehead. I don't think I produce as much sweat as some fat people. I don't leave behind a trail of sweat when I get up off of a chair or anything. Eeeewww! I'm reminded of the poor people you see with Richard Simmons, you know the ones that require forklifts (ooo, that's harsh). Anyway, I'm not that sweaty, but it's irritating. Everyone else around me is cool and dry, and I'm moist and hot. Yet another reason to lose weight!!!

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Ayden said...

Definitely agreed. I'm tired of being all hot and uncomfortable while people are just fine around me.. And adding extra layers of clothing to boot!