#7 - Pregnant?

One big thing I hate about being fat is being asked when I'm due. Come on, I know I'm fat, but don't rub it in! I was in Catherine's plus-sized clothing store a couple years ago and the clerk ask me when I was due. I was soooooooo embarrassed that I just said not for a while. I guess that's true, right? I'm not due for a while, a few years maybe.

Today was MUCH better than yesterday. I realized the source of my insatiable craving - the red tide! Duh! I'm on Seasonale birth control pills, so I only get my period four times a year. I keep forgetting what it's like! I'm managing my craving much better today, lots of protein seems to help.


Kat E said...

I am actually really shocked that an employee at a plus-size store would be that much of an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY get what you mean about being asked when you are due. I am "apple shaped" and carry a lot of my weight around my middle. One time I was doing a training for a big group of employees, and one of the trainees asked me when I was due.....IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! Oh no she didn't!!! And this was after I had started losing some weight and was starting to feel pretty positive about stuff.

Someone suggested to me that the next time someone asks me that, tell them "Nine months from tonight if I'm lucky!"