#6 - Fat Clothes

Who decided that plus-sized clothes has to be bold or neon colors, with some kind of animal, flower, sequins or other form of 'bedazzling' right on the front? Most fat clothes are like targets that say 'hey look at me, I'm fat!'. I have to give some of the fat shops credit, they are trying. Lane Bryant has some decent clothes, but I usually have to wade through the crap to find it. Fat clothes are also really expensive. I get it that it takes more material to make plus-sizes, but it's not enough to make a sail or anything. Pretty much every piece of fat clothing I've bought cost $50+. When you're fat you usually wear a few sizes - you know, today I'm swollen and must wear a 26, today I feel thin and can pull off a 22, etc. Because of this I have a closet full of clothes that fit sometime. It makes for a very expensive wardrobe! Anyway, it's not the cost so much as the look of plus-sized clothes that pisses me off. Yuck! I don't want to wear a moo-moo!

Yesterday was an awful day. I couldn't stop eating! I now used up all of my flex points for the week. I'm sure I'll go over my points this week, I usually need about 2 or 3 extra points each day. Oh well, I'm still off to a good week with two workouts under my belt already. I haven't been eating my earned activity points, so I always have those as needed.


Kat E said...

LMAO at "it's not enough to make a sail or anything"!!

So, when I track points online and go over my daily allottment, the tracker automatically applies APs before flex points. Any reason why you wouldn't just eat the APs first instead of using up your flex??

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. But remember, it was just ONE day. Today is brand new! This is one of my biggest problems--remembering to take it one day at a time :)

MC said...

I've always wondered why it is assumed that all fat people are tacky.

Lacy said...

my GOSH, do I empathize. This list is my LIFE! I will definitely keep reading...way to go for being so honest.