#2 - Being TOTALLY out of shape

I really hate being so out of shape at this weight. I think it's not so much my muscular or cardiovascular fitness, rather it's the enormous amount of excess weight I carry. Realistically I have about 120-140 pounds to lose (WW says I need to lose 149!). Imagine carrying a backpack that weighed that much! OMG, can you say heavy! I think that's why I get so winded so fast. I think I'm actually in relatively decent shape. I mean I'm almost 300 pounds and I can still use Dance Dance Revolution for 20-30 minutes at a time. Granted, this is not amazing fitness, but I don't think I'll die from poor cardiac health right now. But I'd really like to improve my fitness anyway. I'd like to be able to walk or run up a flight of stairs without getting totally winded. I'm not out to run marathons either, though. I just want to get rid of this weight and improve my health. I've been told by doctors that I'm amazing healthly for being at this weight, but that eventually it WILL catch up with me. I even been given figures like the average person my size shaves anywhere from 15-20 years off their life, usually due to weight related complications like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc. So I guess I've kind of lumped fitness with health, but the two do go hand in hand. My goal is to initially try to workout an often as I can with the ultimate goal of exercising everyday for about 30min. It's not an impossible goal, but being a career couch potato it's a lot.

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