#31 - Tucking in my shirt

I haven't tucked in my shirt in over 15 years! It seems so dumb and simple a problem, but it drives me crazy. I'm always trying to hide my ever expanding stomach rolls; therefore I never tuck in my shirt. I'm always trying to find shirts that are long enough to conceal my tummy. I find myself wearing more and more matronly clothes like tunics and such, anything long enough to come to the top of my thigh.

This has been on my mind lately because Halloween is coming up, and my costume will be revealing my tummy a bit which has me freaked out. It's Halloween, right? We're not supposed to look like our normal selves, but why is it so hard for me to expose my tummy? And it's not like I'm wearing some midriff revealing costume. I'm going as a hanged Salem witch. Imagine a Colonial witch, freshly dead from the hangman's noose. I have a Renaissance-esque costume consisting of several skirts and a figure-hugging, laced up bodice. This still has me a bit weirded out. This type of costume is not very large-lady figure friendly; it really accentuates my hips. Maybe everyone will focus on my broad hips and not even notice my tummy... Just kidding, I'm not that paranoid. I usually make quite an effort to look nice, i.e. hide my figure flaws, therefore accentuating said flaws make me a bit nervous. I'm supposed to enjoy Halloween and not worry about my curves! I should embrace my curves, show them off, and enjoy the event, tummy and all! Actually my costume this year, with the laced-up bodice, will make my tits look HUGE! That will probably distract everyone, girls included. I'm sure I have nothing to worry about. I'm sure people will notice the noose around my neck, the scary makeup, my witch paraphernalia, my huge boobs and such, that they probably won't be thinking, "look at her fat stomach".

Anyway, back to the topic - tucked in shirts. I really would like to get back to a size where tucking in my shirt actually looks good. Wearing ones shirt always tucked out tends to look a bit sloppy. I try to look nice and neat, and tucking in my shirt would be nice. I know, I could tuck in my shirt now if I wanted to, but it REALLY wouldn't look good. You know? Again, I'm sure this issue plagues many women, fat and thin alike, but still it's an issue worth mentioning. Yet another reason to add to the list of why I hate being fat!


Kat E said...

First of all, I hate tucking in my shirts no matter what.

Second of all, you are going to be one hot mama on Halloween I say, flaunt those tits, why not?! ;)

Fatgirlthin said...

Whatever you do, keep on writing until you get to 101! This blog is a riot - as a person who's also in the "struggle" from close to 300 lbs., I need the humor.

karaokekitty said...

Thanks Fatgirlthin! I'm glad to bring a little humor to the not-so-funny feeling of being fat. :)

Unknown said...

Hmmm... tuckin in your shirt!! I just finished high school... my sophmore year my school district implanted a dress code... colard shirt blue jean... belt... SHIRT TUCKED IN.... yeah and they did it some some kids would stop getting made fun of for not having what everone else has.... yeah just narrow all the teasing down to the fat girl!! X__X