#30 - Having half a dozen sizes in my closet

I know it sounds weird for a girl to say it, but I hate that I have so many clothes! The problem is not really the amount of clothes I own, but rather the number of different sizes I have. I seem to have an entire wardrobe based on how fat or thin I'm feeling or looking. I know, I know, every girl has this dilemma. I mean, who doesn't own a couple pairs of "fat jeans" and "skinny jeans"? My problem goes well beyond this, though. Right now in my closet I have sizes as small as 18 (I tossed the really skinny stuff ages ago - I mean, who was I kidding keeping size 14s around?) and as large as 28. And of course, I go through purging phases, where I clean out my closet of clothes that don't fit. I think I've thrown out entire wardrobes worth of clothes after I'd lost weight, only to re-purchase those very sizes again once I put the weight back on. What a waste! You know how it is. You lose weight, you're proud, you vow never to be that heavy again, you get lazy, your diet fails, you gain weight, and then you're back at the original size. I've managed to lose 20 pounds over the past month or so, and some of my clothes are getting loose. This time I vowed NOT to throw out all my ill fitting clothes. A few months ago I had boxed up my "skinny" clothes (sizes 18-22), in an attempt to protect my pocketbook. I'm glad I did this. I knew I would lose weight again and would need those smaller sizes soon enough. And this time, I won't throw out my "fat" clothes either. I'll save them in the unfortunate event that I gain the weight back or purely for a reminder of the size I never want to be again.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It's MUCh better than mine

Good luck with your journey

omgmynovelasup said...

yeah me too i found it like 2 days ago and now im your fan
youre funny and smart
ikeep my fattest jeans as a reminder of how shitty i feel with them on and my skinny jeans as a goal
so it does feels weird when i have nothing to wear but the closet is full of clothes

Anonymous said...

Oh god this one made me laugh, :P who was I kidding...been there. Good luck :)