#9 - "The Look"

You know the look. You're overweight and you order something bad for you from a restaurant or shop (i.e. ice cream, Godiva chocolates, chocolate cake, what have you), and then you receive 'the look' from an employee or patron. 'The look' is usually some kind of judgmental look, as if to say "no wonder you're fat". Sometimes 'the look' is a pity look, "poor girl, she can't help it". But more often 'the look' is "oh my God, she is so fat!". I am so sick of 'the look'. I would like to go into a restaurant and order some totally sinful dessert without the look of distain from other people.

Today has been pretty good after a crappy weekend. I ended up in the ER with an allergic reaction to a soy-meat product. I was just trying to replace my fatty sausage with fake sausage in an attempt to cut calories. No more short-cuts for me! I will stick with real food, just in moderation.

Today I even managed to workout. OK, it was a T'ai Chi DVD worth only 1 point, but hey, that's something. At least I got my buns off the couch.


Kat E said...

Great post. Sorry again about the sausage--makes me extra sad cuz I loves me some fake meat!

Anonymous said...

nothing like real meat tho, especially to get your iron and boost the energy levels :D

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm reading your blog and it's a real inspiration to me- I actually had this urge to eat a chocolate bar about 15 minutes ago but reading your entries about 101 reasons made me strong and stick to my healthy commitment! So thanks :) Yeah and sometimes I get that 'look' as well, it's embarrassing but what can you do about it... I guess people think they're entitled.

Unknown said...

I know this is super old, but I just found your blog from a friend on Facebook. Butterball makes a turkey sausage that is better than the real thing.

Good luck and keep it up!!